Playing Slot Tournaments

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Slot Tournaments, just like many other Tourneys’, they are exciting and fun to play. It is an added thrill for the competitive type, relishing the fact that you are up against other players. Not only is it the prize money that is in people’s sites, but the chance of winning the title is just as important to some of the competitors in Slots Tourneys, and probably other tournaments aswell.

The fact that you are aware of your potential losses in advance makes tournaments very appealing to some players. The way that tourney players can know this is because the Slot Tournaments have a fixed entry fee which all tourney participants are aware of ahead of time. So the only real loss the tourney player will have is the cost of the entry fee.

Because these Slot Tournaments are quite easy to play it is making them quite popular and are in demand. The slot tourney player does not really require any special skill so this gives everyone a chance at winning and that is why these Slot Tournaments are so inviting to all types of players. Just like any other slot machine you are going to need luck on your side.

So let me break this down for you.

Slot Tournaments have a very straightforward and uncomplicated set-up. Each player is given an assigned slot machine and this is done during the sign up/ registration process to enter the tournament.

Once you have completed registration and given the slot machine number, you will also be given the time that you will be playing. This is a dedicated time frame, once you get the go ahead, you will take a seat at your designated slot machine, with your number.

An official will tell you when to start, and once he does, you should play like there is no tomorrow because you only have a certain amount of credits and time before he tells you to stop.

The most frequent arrangement is for each slots tourney player to be given 1,000 credits and 20 minutes within to play them. The credits that you win through-out your playing time will be shown on a separate meter, and each time you press the spin button, these credits are deducted form you’re starting credits. This is amount is usually 3 credits for a maximum bet.

You must remember that you are not able to replay any credits that are won, and the credits that are left over at the end of your time, will be lost, as your machine will lock and play time is finished.

Then the meter will be recorded and compared to all the other tournament players and this will determine who the winner will be.

Once your game has come to an end you will be required to wait at your slot machine until one of the officials comes to check and record your score. Most times the official will ask you to initial the results as a way to verify your score and then once that is done you are then able to leave the slot machine.

In most of the casinos there are only a certain amount of machines that are able to be reserved for a tournament. In these cases you will notice that there will be more than one session so that all players get a chance to play in the tournament. Usually they will have an updated list or leader board showing the leaders after every round.