Kapsule is a film company that is made up of passionate storytellers. We seek to capture stories in a beautiful and timeless way.  When we first started creating wedding films back in 2013, we did it merely because we loved the art form. However, we began to realize that these wedding films had the potential to not only share beautiful moments, but also remind the couples of their love 10, 30, 50 years from their wedding day. These wedding films have the capacity to reignite the couple’s love during times of joy and times of struggle.  

This is why we strive to capture and display the unique and authentic love that each couple has. We hope that through our passion for filmmaking and storytelling, your love for each other will be strengthened and last a lifetime.

Tim Kang / Founder, Creative Director / @timmkang
Nicole Byon / Accounts Manager / @nicolebyon
David Rho / Film Maker / @davidrhorho