online gambling

Online gambling 101

If you’re new to the world of online casinos and gambling on the Internet, you probably have a lot of questions. In this article, we will try our best to explain some of its background and principles. These things are good to know when you’re entering the exciting, but also potentially addicting world of online casinos.

The first online casinos were started up in the 90s and have since then expanded and attracted legions of customers. In 2001, it was estimated that online casinos had attracted a then-whopping 5 million people, and today’s surveys show that the number of online gamblers has risen to at least twice as much, with the revenue in 2008 being 21 billion dollars! The first completely functional gambling program was introduced in 1994, and the multiplayer gambling experience which is now taken for granted on the Internet actually first appeared in 1999, allowing human players to face off against each other.

Still, because of the limitations of the World Wide Web and the desire to keep the games flowing and fast, there is very little actual interaction between the players beyond what is necessary, and the dealers actually don’t even exist. Their job is being performed by software algorithms, or artificial intelligence. There have been some accusations from Internet gamblers that certain computer programs were rigged to deal out “weird hands” in poker and blackjack, for example, but such allegations were never proven, and the fact that people do actually win money online is perhaps the best argument against these claims.

The beauty of online casinos is that there are no space limitations, so each online casino can offer the user virtually any casino game ever made, and the online gambler doesn’t even have to leave the comfort of his home. The games are usually masterfully designed, and the casinos make sure that they resemble their real life counterparts in every way (including the rules, of course). In fact, some of these online casino games often look better than the real thing. Also, the payment option are made quite handy, with the ability for players to pay via credit card, PayPal and many other various forms of payment.

All you, the average person with a taste for gambling, have to do is get on your computer, go to any of the many online casino websites, and trough an easy, hassle-free process, you’ll be playing online casino games in no time. Exercise caution, though, because just as online video games and other forms of competitive entertainment, online gambling can potentially be addictive. To avoid this, we suggest maintaining strength of character and playing these games in shorter intervals spread out throughout your day. In fact, for starters, it would be recommendable to only visit online casinos a couple of times per week, just to get the hang of it, and to find your own pace. Whichever game you choose, we wish you plenty of good luck!