Free Slot Tournaments

slot tournament

Anyone who knows anything about Slot Tournaments will no doubt know that there are many benefits to free slot tournaments.  I’m referring to Online tournaments by the way as that is what this site is all about 🙂

Almost all casino games online tournaments expect cash buy ins, but the Freeroll slot Tourneys are the exception. There is one big advantage of the free slot tournament over other regular ones. You are able to win a cash prize. Players can win this even if they do not buy anything initially. Free slot tournaments can also be of the sit and go type. This will mean that you need not have to wait for any players. You just need to begin playing online at the available website.

Free slot tournaments are a great way to improve your slot playing skills and naturally the more you participate, the better you become (at winning)

Imagine being a professional Slots Tournament player? now that would be very cool 🙂

Free slot tournaments have plenty of advantages over the regular casino tournaments. Both beginners as well as slot playing experts will find that there is a difference and that it is much better than regular tournaments. These tournaments are a lot of fun and must not be missed.

You can find more information on how to participate in the Live Tournaments we run with well respected Online Casinos via the menu tabs at the top of the website

Some Benefits of our established Slot Tournaments

– Private Slot Tourneys for Our Registered players only. Meaning less competition for the Cash Prizes.

– Use your Casino Welcome Bonuses to play in the Provided Tournaments.

– Live Updating Leader Boards showing you your position on the Tourney and the Prize amount you are set to receive on completion.

– We place no limit on the actual Slots you can play. (Most Online Slot Tournaments are restricted to a few chosen Slot Games

– Unlike the widely advertised Slot Tournaments provided by some Industry Giants, here at OST, you wont have to compete against 1000s of Slots Players around the Globe in order to have a Cash prize winning chance.

– No limit on Re-buys. You can deposit and play anytime and as much as you like during the allocated and eligible allotted tourney Time frames.

– Scores are based on wagering meaning anyone can win. Your Score increases whether you are winning or losing on the Slots.

Our Tourneys are all on top of the Normal Promotions and bonuses you receive from the Casino sponsoring the Tourneys.

Tournaments will be running back to back so you can always play in the Tourneys and have an extra chance to win.

Prize money increases as the Popularity grows. Simply meaning, the More players participating, the more Prizes we can offer.