How do Online Slots Tournaments Work

hoe do slot tournament work

The slot machine games are the most marketed games  in an online casino, for variable reasons. The most prevalent reason is that the Payout Ratio is quite high as well as having the option to choose from several types of online slots tourneys.

To make the online game of slots that more interesting and exciting, the majority of online casinos organize Slots Tournaments. These Slots Tourneys are fast-paced and are a fantastic way for the online casinos to generate revenue. Slots Tournaments are generally managed as Scheduled Tournaments or Sit’n’Go Tournaments.

Scheduled Tournaments

There is either a Buy-In in Scheduled Tournaments where you will pay a certain amount to register for the tourney, or they may even be free, meaning there is no fee to register. (Like in Poker or Blackjack Free Rolls)

If you are planning on getting yourself into a Scheduled ‘FreeRoll’ Tournament then you will be required to register early so you can secure a seat. The FreeRolls are enormously popular for you get to enter the tournaments for free with the chance to win cash!

Buy-in Tournaments however work a little differently. There are only a certain amount of seats allocated for the tournament and every seat is has a particular dollar value. This buy-in fee is debited from all participating players accounts and is then pooled together. The accumulated buy-in fees will establish the prize pool for that tourney. Every tourney player will be allocated a certain sum of credits in which to play with along with. Within the allotted timeframe, your goal is to accrue as many credits as you can while playing online in the tournament. Once your time limit is up, you may then check where you have ranked on the Leaderboard, and compare yourself to others that have participated in this online slots tournament too.

Sit’n’Go Tournaments have a similar scenario, like the Scheduled Tournaments you are also allotted a specific amount of time to play along with a precise amount of credits, which you will hopefully increase during the course of your tournament playing time. Unlike the Scheduled Tourneys, Sit’n’Go Tourneys commence once all the participants have all been seated. Hence the name Sit’n’Go, you sit then you’re ready to go. This name was taken from a term in Online Poker.  Now if a participant happens to hit a jackpot during the course of the Tournament, this jackpot will be deemed null and void. You may like some players believe that this is an unfair rule, however under the circumstances of the tourney a Player might or might not buy in; what’s more the players will be given free credits in which to play the tournament with. If the player did buy-in and loses, all he will be losing is the entry fee, but if he wins he gets a portion of the prize pool. If the player hits a jackpot during the tourney, that money is real cash which is not recognized in a Slots Tournament.

So that is the best way I can sum up my explanation on online Slots Tourneys.

To recap:

  • There can be an entry fee, unless it is a Free Roll Tourney.
  • The entry fees are combined to produce the prize pool.
  • The Tournament players have a specific time-frame and amount of credits to play with in the tournament.
  • Once the Tourney is complete the winners are ascertained from the number of credits that the player has built up over the course of their playing time and are then given a portion of the prize pool.